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Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce's mission is to improve the quality of life for all of their residents, as well as to develop and attract quality business and professional services. They dramatically continues to attract an ever-growing local, regional, national and international support base, ranging form single proprietors to Fortune 500 Corporations.

Their members consist of those who wish to contribute to and thrive from Harlem’s world-renowned vitality and recognition as a worldwide tourist, entertainment, sports, arts, cultural, educational, historic, religious and health services destination of international diversity.


  • Supporting community development projects

  • Business-to-Business discount services

  • Creating business & networking conferences and receptions

  • Referral of new clients & customers

  • Providing assistance on securing loans & grants

  • Creating branded VIP events and activities

  • Securing media advertising discounts (radio, print, and TV)

  • Assisting in the marketing and sales of products, goods and services

  • Sponsoring business and professional services workshops and seminars

  • Providing Educational Scholarships, Grants & Internships

  • Promoting Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise Initiatives

  • Creating year round Tourism Programs and Initiatives

  • Establishing direct communications with public & elected representatives

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