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SOMI: The Lagos Music Salon – April 24th

Updated: Oct 29, 2021


Enjoy a rare evening with one of jazz’s most prominent young voices whom The Huffington Post hailed as “The New High Priestess of Soul.”  East African vocalist & songwriter Somi will present an exclusive set of music from her new album The Lagos Music Salon while accompanied by an all-acoustic chamber jazz ensemble.  Be transported into an evening of transatlantic stories and sounds in the heart of Harlem.

From 6:00-6:30pm a CD signing will be taking place for VIP ticket holders (with an additional $15 CD signing/photo ticket ). There will also be another CD signing post-show at 11pm for general admission ticket holders.

  1. Doors open at 7pm.  Performance begins at 8:30pm with an opening performance by Kaliné.

  2. There is $20 minimum per person at all tables and a full dinner will be available in the dining room starting 6:30.

  3. There will be standing and seating room.  All seating will be in cabaret style.

THE BAND Somi (voice), Otis Brown III (drums), Toru Dodo (piano), Liberty Ellman (guitar), Patrice Jackson-Tilghman (cello), Juliette Jones (violin), Alicia Olatuja (additional voice),Michael Olatuja (bass)​


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