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Storefront Academy Harlem Ribbon Cutting

Updated: Aug 20, 2021


Founded in 1966, the Storefront is a tuition-free private school educating students from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. Long before the term “charter school” existed, Storefront Academy was operating a rigorous and accessible academic program for underserved children in Harlem — Storefront Academy admits students regardless of academic ability or financial need. Despite the odds, all 8th grade graduates go on to attend private, parochial or selective public high schools, and more than 95% of them go on to earn their high school diploma compared to 60% in New York City. Our unique model allows students to have an extraordinary success rate in academics and become truly well-rounded individuals.

On Monday, October 13, Storefront Academy is holding a Dedication Ceremony to proudly announce many of the wonderful changes happening at Storefront.  Given the strong presence of the Storefront in the Harlem community.

The ceremony is celebrating the rebranding and renaming of the School (from The Children’s Storefront to Storefront Academy Harlem).  Even more exciting, this past spring, Storefront Academy was approved by the SUNY Board of Trustees to open a new charter school in the South Bronx. Like Storefront Academy Harlem, Storefront Academy Charter School will provide an academically rigorous, joyful and intentional learning environment to all of its students, paving the way for high school, college and life success.  Ours is a case of replication in a most unusual way – SUNY has never before approved an independent school to open a charter school. But, clearly, Storefront Academy is not your usual independent school.


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