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Start Small, Think Big

Start Small Think Big is a nonprofit dedicated to advancing equity and inclusion in entrepreneurship by connecting small businesses with the resources and community they need to thrive.

They focus on partnering with BIPOC entrepreneurs, women, LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs, immigrants, veterans, entrepreneurs with disabilities, low-income entrepreneurs, and formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs.


Marketing Support

Marketing and Sales Program helps entrepreneurs generate leads and connect and communicate with their customers and supporters. Experts assist with digital and social media marketing strategies, navigating brand identity, messaging, logo and website design, sales and distribution strategy, e-commerce, and other marketing services.

Finance Consulting

Finance Program offers financial literacy, guidance, and confidence for entrepreneurs who need help setting up solid economic systems, bookkeeping, growth planning, projections, and cost analysis. Note, they cannot assist with taxes or provide specific tax advice.

Legal Assistance

Pro bono Legal Program connects entrepreneurs with our legal experts to help choose the proper entity structure, navigate commercial lease issues, advise on intellectual property and employment issues, review and draft contracts, and more.

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