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Harlem Makers Collective

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Our vendors are: Karema Deodato Millinery @karemadeodato Heike NY Official @heike_ny Maiko Suzuki @maikosuzuki L. Nelms @l.nelms Boybeads @boybeads Carlton Jones Collection @CarltonJonesCollection Peppered Moon @pepperedmoon Gena Myint @genamyint Truffolie @truffolie Oak and acorn @official_oakandacorn John Reddick @reddick_harlem Ollomatic @ollomatic NiLu @shopnilu JUNNY @iamjhibby Perry Boyce @perry.boyce Luz Ceramics Sol Cacao @solcacao flo and theo @floandtheo 26 stitches @26stitches


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