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Copagnia de’ Colombari Performs at ST. John the Divine and Fundraising Event

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Copagnia de’ Colombari, a collective of performing artists that generates theater in surprising places.  Colombari intentionally clashes cultures, traditions and art forms to bring fresh interpretation to the written word—old and new. The company believes that every public place holds the potential to be a space for the sacred architecture of theater and its extraordinary and dedicated artists work tirelessly to bring their work into hallowed halls and onto the streets—near and far. Colombari proves that the magic of great theater can happen anywhere and be made accessible to everyone.

The company is slated for a one night stand at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Saturday March 28th (see below).  I am asking you to support the company’s efforts to gear up for its 2015 stint at BAM’s Next Festival and the national tour of EVERYTHING THAT RISES MUST CONVERGE by coming out to the performance on the 28th and joining the company for the exiting party after.  Please let me know if you can hang!!!


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