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Updated: Aug 20, 2021


We will start the event off with a free one-hour yoga class open to the public at 11am, taught by all three teachers, Lara, Dana, and Michael. At 12pm, we will have an Ashtanga Yoga Demonstration outside of the studio followed by live music by Fort Vine and Ryan McGale of Make Music New York. The final event will be a Summer Solstice Ritual at 12:30pm in the yoga studio. We will have guests write a wish or goal on a slip of paper and attach it to a sun wheel that we will have in the studio. There will also be chanting, an explanation of the Summer Solstice, and various prizes. The event is being sponsored by Yli Factory Cupcakes, as they are providing our event with mini cupcakes for our guests, and Seasoned Vegan, a restaurant in Harlem that is providing samples of vegan “chicken” nuggets to the event.


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